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How Instagram Benefits Your Business

How can Instagram benefit my business? Whether you’re a small start up or a large enterprise business, you should be taking advantage of the 300 million active users on Instagram.     Interact with your customers When asked about interaction and engagement with customers online, most people are quick to put Facebook and twitter at […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Remarketing Campaigns

A successful remarketing campaign can work wonders for most businesses but like any type of paid advertising to ensure the best results it needs to be properly setup and regularly tested. In this post we will cover 5 ways you can improve the performance of your remarketing campaigns.   1) Who Is Your Audience? The […]

Google Webmaster Guidelines Update

Google has an in depth list of webmaster guidelines which are intended to help webmasters optimize their website(s) to be correctly crawled and indexed by Google’s webcrawlers. Google recently made an update to their guidelines and of course with Google representing approximately 65% of the search engine market share, it’s important to pay close attention […]

5 Steps To Optimize SEO Results For New Blog Posts

It’s important for content writers and businesses to understand that after you create and publish some great new content for your blog your job isn’t over yet. You spent all that time creating a content rich, engaging blog post now it’s time to optimize SEO results by following the 5 steps outlined below.     […]

Google’s “Right To Be Forgotten” Censorship Of Search Results

On March.4th 2016 Google confirmed that search results will be censored for countries that are protected by the “Right To Be Forgotten” which is a mandate established by the Court of Justice of the European Union in 2014. The mandate allows Europeans to ask search engines to delist certain links from the search results generated […]